WARNING: The 30 Day Social Media Challenge Is Strictly Limited To Only 20 places 
Challenge starts May 1st! 
 Isn't it time your 
Social Media marketing actually made you Money?   
Give me 30 days and I will show you how to turn your social media marketing around, save you hours of guess work and finally help you make money from social media. 
We only take 20 people per challenge to offer the best quality of coaching. Spots are limited. 
Registration closes on 29th of April 
From The Desk Of Lynsey Fraser
Sydney, Australia
I'm sick and tired of this BS! 
Are you tired? 
I just can't do it any more.

I'm done!  

I just can't watch hard working businesses with really amazing products and even greater people not get the attention and ultimately the  sales they deserve because they just don't know how to position themselves on Social Media and get their ads to work for them

It's not fair that their competitors with crappy products and low rate services are KILLING them in sales just because they have mastered the art of social media marketing

But I'm seeing this time and time again - in fact I have seen this over a thousand times! 

Have you felt like this too? 

You know you have something awesome in your business but you just cant seem to break through online?  You feel like your beating your head off a brick wall  and your now beyond confused as to what to do ( and your head hurts now too ) 

Then keep reading....  this Challenge is for YOU! 
Where has it all gone wrong? 
Send in the clowns 
Sadly the Social Media Training Industry is full of get rich quick scams and false information leading to so much confusion on what Business should actually be doing on Social Media 

The Agencies are charging a fortune for mediocre 
( sometime terrible - just plain  terrible )  ad management services - surviving on the fact they are keeping clients in the dark and locking them into 6 month or worse - yearly contracts!

So it doesn't surprise me so many Business are frustrated, wasting their time  or just not doing anything useful on their channels 

When it's actually easy - yes I'll say it - it's easy to master Social Media Marketing in under one hour a week! 

Now I know that's a big claim but I have helped thousands of businesses do this so I'm sticking to it. 
After coaching thousands of Businesses I know that you don't just need another training course you need accountability and guidance and here is how we deliver that. 
A Custom Plan 
You need a game plan tailored to your business!
One size doesn't fit all with Businesses - should you be using LinkedIn or Facebook, creating videos or working with Influencers? 
Well the answer is - it all depends on your business! 
That's why we start the challenge with a 1 hour coaching call  so we can understand your business and then tailor your Challenge tasks to what you need for your unique business - throw out the cookie cutters - we ain't going to need them! 

One on One Coaching
Now that we have narrowed down what you need to do for YOUR Business - we need to start up skilling you in Social Media ads and content marketing . 
But let me guess - I bet you have downloaded a million  ebooks ... and how many have you read? 
That's why we are going to mentor you through our online training programs so you know exactly what to do but we will also keep you accountable  with your own tailored learning path. 
Getting S**t Done! 
All of the best training from  the worlds greatest Trainers and Experts ( and YES - we have got the BEST Experts for you )  won't mean a thing unless you actually implement! 
And that's where the challenge comes in - we are going to keep you accountable, coach you through it and help you start implementing from Day 1 so you finish the 30 days with an actionable  social media game plan that you actually do, that works for your business and you can manage in under 1 hour a week! 
What do you get with the challenege ? 
Access our full up to date training library
Easy to follow step by step guides
Over 150 
"How to" Explainer videos 
  • One on One Deep Dive Strategy Call to kick things off  ( Value $1000)
  • Access to ALL 6 of our in depth online training courses ( Value $1534) 
  • Weekly " Catch up with the Coach" Calls x 4                   ( Value $2000)
  • Access to our private Mentoring Facebook Group           ( Value $500 ) 
  • Your Personalized Accountability and Learning Map      ( Value $250 ) 
  • BONUS - Guest Webinars from experts in PR, Video Marketing and Chat Bots!                                                                                     ( Value $900)
Total Value $6184
AND IT'S ONLY $997!!!! 
Places are very limited so we can provide your business the best in one on one coaching so you have to act fast. 

 Registrations close 29th of April 
Meet your Social Media Mentor 
Lynsey Fraser

I'm Lynsey, Founder and Chief Nerd at FloSocial, one of Australia's leading Social Media Training Companies for small business and start ups.  I'm a Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketer and have run Social Media for some of Australia's largest ASX listed companies. I have spent over $3 million on social media ads ( me and my clients budgets) - I know what works across different industries. 
I'm an International speaker and presenter for Social Media and write for some of the world leading Social Media Publications - basically I really know my stuff! 

But more than that - I'm passionate about helping businesses become social media self sufficient, helping them cut through all the noise and the crap out there and build real, manageable and effective social media strategies that actually make a difference to their business. 

I don't believe in blinding people with techno-bable or wanky marketing terms - just useful, strategic and actionable social media marketing info!

I'm going to be your coach for the 30 day challenge and I'm so excited to see how we can get your business growing!  

Who is this Challenge for? 
  •  Committed Business Owners or Marketers that are willing to put in the work ( 1 - 2 hours a week ) to get results
  •  Any level of experience or stage of business - we can coach everyone from start ups to large scale corporations 
  •  Open minded, consistent and honest communicators 
This is not for you if..
  •  You are hoping for a get rich quick scheme or a way to "hack" the algorithm - we only teach real stuff that works - no fairy dust or magic sprinkles
  •  You can't commit some time each week to complete the challenge - I don't need a lot but you gotta be in it 
  •  You aren't willing to change an ultimately grow your marketing 
Meet our Guest Experts 
Elly Hurley
Chat Bot Expert

Elly is the Co-Founder of Nudge Marketing, Australia’s #1 authority in Messenger Marketing and Chatbots.
As a fellow business owner she understands what it’s like - the good, the bad and the downright ugly...
Her mission is to empower SMEs to leverage modern marketing tools to save them time, reduce their stresses and increase their income.
She's a self confessed geek and loves dogs. Her coffee of choice is a latte with one for the morning and either a beer or white wine when the times right

Brittany Bennett
PR  Expert
Brittany Bennett is the founder and director of Bennett PR and the FITtopia Media Hub. 

Brittany has been a publicist for 10 years working across lifestyle, beauty, health, fitness, food, wine, travel. However, since launching her own agency in 2015 she now niches in health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle publicity. 
Clients Bennett PR have worked with include Flow Athletic, Sally Fitzgibbons, Nuzest, Bodyscience, Sam Wood, Sumo Salad, Jessica Sepel, Tim Robards, Zoe Bingley- Pullin, Rich Roll and Julie Piatt and more. App launches we have worked on include the 28 by Sam Wood App, JSHealth App, Zova App.

Once registered we are going to send you a "Welcome Pack" so we can get to know more about YOU and YOUR Business

We will lock in a time starting from the 25th of April to start the one on one Strategy calls - we use Skype or Zoom to run these and we are super flexible on times ( we know how Businesses work) 

From our call and the responses from your welcome pack - we create you a custom learning plan and a guide on what to start doing first. 

On the 1st of April - we start the live lectures, you will be set homework and challenge based on your business needs 

Over the 30 Days we will lock in weekly catch up calls with you, keep you accountable to your plan and help you get implementing 

You have access to full email and phone support over the 30 days 

And after the challenge you get access to our training library for a full 12 months - if you need to refer back to anything

Places are filling up fast
 Grab your spot now! 
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Hear from our previous students
It covered strategy and advertising across Facebook, Instagram . While we don’t offer social media/ social media advertising to our clients, we do work closely with their digital teams, so this has further expanded our knowledge to better provide insight and suggestions. I will apply what we learnt to my business too – Brittany Bennett

This course was so helpful and it was delivered in a non-techy way that was easy to understand and implement. I got so much out of it and am already benefitting from what I learnt – now, a pixel to me is not just a film company. This course has opened up a whole new world and given me confidence. Thank you! – Lee Holmes.
Your Questions Answered. ..
Do I need a lot of experience with social media marketing? 
No- we tailor the training to you whether you need to get started or are ready for more advanced stuff

What happens if I miss a week or I'm away?
No worries - we will work with you to make the time up and extend your access to coaching and training 

How long will it take me to do? 
We recommend allowing 1 -2 hours a week to learn and implement  ( the more you put in the more you get out) 
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